WAFIOS stages the "3rd Reutlingen E-Mobility Days – REDs“ on October 18 - 20, 2022. Once again, partner companies will be exhibiting groundbreaking technologies for the E-mobility industry. The focus will be on an "Efficient Powertrain". In close cooperation, GEHRING and WAFIOS will show the entire manufacturing process of a stator. Co-exhibitors complete the exhibition program with innovative solutions for the production of copper wire up to the measurement of the finished hairpins.

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The lectures


Tuesday October 18. - 9 am - "Keynote: Quo Vadis Electric Drive? Challenges and Trends in Development and Manufacturing".
Speaker: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Fleischer | KIT - wbk - Director | Language: English

Tuesday October 18. - 2 pm - "How Lasers enable great automotive designs/constructions".
Speaker: Matthias Beranek | Trumpf | Language: English

Wednesday October 19. - 9:30 am - "Global developments in the battery industry - An insight into the current situation and opportunities for German mechanical and plant engineering".
Speaker: Benjamin N. Dorn | M.Sc. RWTH, Senior Engineer of Production Technologies & Organization | Language: German

Wednesday October 19. - 2 pm - "Networking, knowledge transfer and funding opportunities for electromobility and the efficient powertrain".
Speaker: Walter Holderried | Cluster Elektromobilität Süd-West | Language: German


Online Lectures


Thursday October 20. - 5 pm - "Technical presentation of WAFIOS and Gehring" | Language: English
Login link: attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/263099264486732813

Friday October 21. - 9 am - "Technical presentation of WAFIOS and Gehring" | Language: English
Login link: attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5711687354490361104


Solutions for all tasks from prototyping to series production...

...WAFIOS SpeedFormer for the production of hairpins:

  • Features an automatic straightening system for optimum quality with reduced setup time - World Premiere
  • One hairpin technology from the first prototype to the final series
  • Intuitive setup of complex hairpins on the WAFIOS SpeedFormer

...plastic tubes:

  • Fast, economical and efficient prototyping for plastic tubes in vehicle thermal management systems


  • Automated manufacturing solutions for ready-to-install busbars

...axial flux motors:

  • High edge winding of coils, the WAFIOS bending system reduces material thickening in the bending area for more compact coils

Gehring: Latest technologies in the field of stator production

SNT - Our solution for setting and inserting hairpins into the sheet package

  • Robot-based setting process for numerous winding schemes.
  • Scalable setting by splitting into setting and insertion operation
  • Process-reliable insertion through fixture technology
  • Automated evaluation and calculation of the setting pattern
  • Low cycle time and high flexibility
  • Several workpiece types can be mapped on one machine
  • Programming flexibility through sequence control


Guiding straightening and feeding of process materials

  • Reliable components with high power density for the production of bus bars, hairpins and coiled wire
  • High variety of variants in different sizes
  • Actively configurable straighteners and straightening systems
  • Ready-to-install systems with features on demand
  • Semi-automatic straightening technology
  • Process simulation and Inline Wire Diagnosis

HPW Metallwerk GmbH


  • State-of-the-art electric motors for EVs, PHEVs, HEVs and FCEVs require new and sophisticated solutions in the field of stator winding and insulation materials. A specialist for flat, insulated copper winding wires, HPW has developed different solutions suitable for various applications, voltage levels and other special requirements. 
  • For high voltage applications over 800 Volt, the company offers round and flat wire with insulations out of extruded high performance polymers such as PEEK or PI that have significantly improved product properties. HPW wire sets new industry standards in terms of product quality and meets the specific requirements of well-known customers.
  • Available are: PAI-coated flat wire, extruded PEEK-insulated round and flat wire, extruded polyimide insulated round and flat wire, polyimide-film insulated flat and round wire
  • Rigid busbars are used in electric vehicles as conductors. Busbars must be able to withstand above-average loads. Furthermore, narrow bending angles cause high mechanical stress in the conductor and insulation

KIT - wbk

Production research for e-mobility

Together with its industrial partners, the wbk Institute of Production Science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology develops and researches innovative manufacturing and assembly processes in order to be able to produce electric drives more efficiently in the future. At the show, their focus will be on flexible manufacturing technologies and process modeling:

  • Numerical process models for shaping hairpin plug-in coils and twisting and laser welding of stators with hairpin windings
  • Digital process chains for efficient tool designs and intelligent process parameterization
  • Kinematic solutions for fast and flexible prototyping

Feinwerktechnik Otto Harrandt GmbH

Versatile, sophisticated technology for quality assurance in the E-mobility sector

  • Quality inspection for an early detection of faults
  • Readjustment of individual processes via in-line measured data
  • Increase of total output
  • Web-based data base for process monitoring and production optimization

Ensured by HARRANDT testing modules

  • Wire testing module (in-line)
  • Coating residue detection (SPC)
  • Hairpin testing module (in-line and SPC)
  • Stator testing module (in-line and SPC)

RWTH Aachen - PEM

The Chair "Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components" (PEM)

...at RWTH Aachen University was founded in 2014 by "StreetScooter" co-inventor Professor Achim Kampker. In seven research groups, the team is dedicated to all aspects of the development, production and recycling of battery systems and their components as well as the fuel cell and the production of the electric drive train and entire vehicle concepts. The "Electric Drive Production" research group contributes to the economical, variant-flexible, future-oriented and sustainable production of the electric drive and its active components (rotor and stator). The focus is on investigating issues along the entire value chain - from the semi-finished product to the finished drive and from the individual process to the holistic consideration of cross-process interactions. In accordance with the PEM philosophy of the "Innovation Chain", the team works on new and innovative technologies, always keeping an eye on the path to industrial application and solution scaling. Current topics of the research group are:

  • Interactions between semi-finished products and process in stator production (with special focus from stripping, bending & welding).
  • Development and implementation of application-oriented test and inspection procedures as a basis for products and processes that meet requirements
  • Cycle-compatible optimization of production processes and development of measures to identify and reduce the CO² footprint along the entire value chain

TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH

Laser Decoating

  • High Power Short Pulse Laser TruMicro with tailored beam profile for high fill factors and top notch processing speeds
  • Fastest processing for all insulation types and layer thicknesses without affecting the conductor material
  • Scalable optics concept individual to wire size

Live demonstration of laser insulation process with TruMicro 7070 at the FMUe

Laser Contacting

  • High Power TruDisk Laser, freely programmable scanning optics PFO and intelligent Vision Line Sensor System
  • Position Measurement and Closed-Loop Welding at all Pins enable 100% quality without losses in the conductive connections
  • Welding with low spattering and free of porosities using Bright Line Weld Multi-Spot waveguide
  • Scalable Power- and waveguide concept individual to wire size and parts arrangement as well as for optimizing your machine designs
  • TRUMPF experts individually support in laser process development and realization with all technologies utilizing the know-how of our inhouse process development as well as experience from more than one hundred projects


Hairpin stators for electric motors require a variety of complex 3D measurements that are best performed using a combination of tactile and optical sensor technologies.

TubeInspect P8.2 HRC for measuring hairpins and busbars

  •     3D inspection - optical gauge inspection
  •     Software platform BendingStudio XT - features of the new version Sep 2022
  •     Components with round, square or rectangular cross sections
  •     Reverse engineering function
  •     Series-accompanying measurement within seconds
  •     Can be integrated into automated production cells
  •     Components with glossy surfaces are measured without pre-treatment
  •     Determination of correction values for CNC bending machines

Carl Zeiss GOM Metrology GmbH

Quality assurance for electric motors

Learn more about the extensive know-how and systems from ZEISS in every phase of the electric motor production and assembly processes:

  • Coordinate measuring machines for geometric inspection of hairpin, laminated core as well as stator and rotor, e.g. withZEISS PRISMO or ZEISS O-INSPECT.
  •  Full-surface digitization and evaluation of the componentswith optimized ATOS Q sensor for stator measurement
  •  Combination of optical and tactile measurement technology
  •  Non-destructive inspection of weld beads by ZEISS computed tomography systems, e.g. METROTOM 1500
  •  Short programming and throughput times of the components to be measured through optimized measurement strategies and software use, e.g. ZEISS CALYPSO and GOM Inspect


All relevant measurement in one machine

  • Creepage distance of U-shape curve of all radial hairpin rows of each layer
  • Pin distance and height
  • Circle diameter
  • Paper overhang winding head side
  • Highest Repeatability true edge detection
  • Best cycle time due to hybrid technology 2D and 3D
  • Patented MDMC lighting concept
  • Traceability system based on dimensions + images

Nagel Maschinen- und Werkzeugfabrik GmbH

Robotics & Dispensing Division

Bonding, sealing:

  • Robot-based adhesive application
  • Sensor based quality monitoring
  • Flexible stand-alone systems - Bonding assistant
  • System integration in production lines according to OEM standard


  • Potting processes under atmosphere or vacuum
  • Highly filled casting materials
  • Potting of stators for electric motors


  • Process development
  • Prototype production according to customer requirements

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